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Who is Factory Cabins, simple, if you press ( here) you will enter a blog of such depth and scope that you will understand who we are and why we are doing what we are doing. The saying that goes, ‘Only believe half you see, and, nothing you are hear” is absolutely correct when it comes to the Log Cabin World, it is a world of lies and deceit, over pricing, exceptionally bad craftsmanship and sadly awful buildings.

It would not be so bad if for instance the cabins were £2000 cheaper and, on some models, double if not triple that, but greed is man’s worst enemy, and he always wants more.

And with his Eloquently written verse written on his websites he pulls you into his web of high pricing and low quality. I know it sounds awful, but most of the time it is.

Our team, I am sadly the last of the beginning crew left, brought log cabins into the UK over 20 years ago, championing the Clock House, Twin Skin Locking System, the Coin phrase garden office, and 28mm flooring, tilt and turn windows, and thick hard duty purlins, because we believed sheds were overpriced and sadly crap, which they still are, but they do have a price point, and not everyone wants a quality log cabin, but something cheap to stick the mower in.

Factory Cabins LTD is here to serve a purpose. If you do your homework and look to see who out of the top 5 cabin companies have gone bust in the last recession, your pacemaker will stop. And you will be on the phone demanding your deposit back. None can be trusted. This is not a rant but a nudge, for you to do more homework before you throw your money away. Always pay by credit card, and that way your completely safe. It’s illegal for us to charge you their rates, but when we are selling the cabins at such a low price, 2% is a lot off 5% profit margin. FactoryCabins LTD is the new way to purchase. Direct. And one last point, when the 1st of January 2021 comes, and we Brexit, and your little dealer shed company, garden centre, down the road decides all the paper work he has to do to, like pay import tax, have all the paper work done on time and in ship shape fashioned, or your cabin stays on the truck in the harbour and it costs 240 a day extra, you are going to wish you had bought your log cabin through a company who was prepared for this as soon as the word we are out came into play!


 Amazing Factory Cabins All Ex Works Pricing 

Fully Insulated Timber Frame Cabins

Fully Insulated Timber Frame Buildings 2021



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Quality Approved Russian Pine Log Cabins

28mm Budget Log Cabin Range 2021


28mm Budget Log Cabin Range 2021. Unbeatable in price the lowest priced cabins in the country. the shed killer!


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Insulated Garden Office 2021

Ex Works Siberian Larch Clad Fully Insulated Garden Office 2021


Highly Insulated Garden Offices for Sale Ex Works. Unbeatable in price and Specification, please feel free to have a look.


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Log Cabins For Sale New Designs


Factory Log Cabins Ex Works Standard Range 2021 is one of the most diverse collections we have on offer at Factory Cabins. From compact garden offices to spacious summer houses with plenty of exterior space for relaxing in the sun, every cabin in this range is built with quality as the first priority so you’re free to explore and find those that meet your exact needs.


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Log Cabins For Sale New Designs – Planning Compliant


Our new designs meet 2.5M Planning Regulations in UK
Log Cabins Planning Permission
Factory Cabins – new regulations that came into effect on the 1st October 2008, All Garden Buildings are considered NOT requiring planning permission subject to conditions.


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DF Range

Log Cabins For Sale New Designs – Planning Compliant


Our new designs meet 2.5M Planning Regulations in UK
Log Cabins Planning Permission
Factory Cabins – new regulations that came into effect on the 1st October 2008, All Garden Buildings are considered NOT requiring planning permission subject to conditions.


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KI Range


Our Own Personal Unique Design, Copied by All but Mastered by NONE

Perfect for modern garden offices, the KI range of log cabins available at Factory Cabins offer curves that just about anyone can appreciate. These cabins are more than gorgeous, however, offering highly customizable design, convenient installation and the highest standards and materials in construction you can hope to find in the log cabin market.

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OC Range

Our OC Range is such amazing value. and is built to keep mother nature out! 

Ex works Pricing on this range.

Using the very best quality of windows and doors in the log cabin industry, the OC Range brings with it the climate control, insulation, and cooling that helps it stay as comfortable as possible, no matter what the weather outside might be. Explore our selection of OC Range residential cabins to create the perfect winter and summer haven in your garden.

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‘Ex works “Lithuania” is simple to understand, we manufacturer everything in our Factories here in Lithuania, and we have the most up to date CNC machinery on the face of the planet and please don’t kid yourself in thinking that log cabins or timber frame buildings come from the UK they don’t, we haven’t any forests, sadly in the UK, and the ones we do have, sadly do not yield the timber needed to manufacturer exceptional quality garden buildings,

Log Cabins, or Timber Frame fully insulated buildings.

Purchase Ex Works and Save. £££££

 That’s why I have been over here in Lithuania 20 years manufacturing and supplying 80% of the trade with cabins and timber frame buildings, camping pods and everything else in the middle, and these companies in turn label my buildings with their own brand.

My name is Kevin Langham and I am behind everyone who ever sold or sells log cabins. we are the girls and guys that first brought log cabins into the UK I am known for inventing the Twinskin locking system for log cabins, I designed the Clock House Log Cabin, the first to introduce tilt and turn windows and 28,mm flooring, and purlins that actually sit at 90 degrees, not the 45 degree mass produced roof structure that is on way too many log cabins today.

 I coined the phrase Garden Office, and today I am changing the rules, today, the 14 June 2020 is actually a big day for us as we are about to cut all the dealers dry, and put the prices of log cabins exactly where they are supposed to be.

 I am now getting rid of all dealers, completely. you the public can now buy from us direct from now its buy from “Factorycabins”.

Factory cabins is the first website to actually sell you cabins, and timber frame buildings at factory prices, be you trade or not. If you are trade and you have a valid VAT number the price is the price, and we will take your order, if you do not have a Vat number, then there is a few things we must help you with, but you still get the building at trade price. And it is as simple as 1/2/3.
Too some of you this may not mean much but when  you start to compare prices, and really look what is costing what and what you get for what, then you will see you are literally saving 1000’s of pounds. One cabin we priced the saving for the customer against a UK based dealer was £5012. Which I personally think is a massive saving.

 Please call us either on our UK number or Factory Number.

+44 208 133 5164  or +370 6889 3563





Bespoke log cabins

Factory Log Cabins Bespoke Range

Bespoke Log Cabins:  Over the years Factory Cabins has put together a team of the most highly skilled Carpenter’s, Architects, Joiners and Machinists, with the total focus on Bespoke Log Cabins.
Unlike a lot of the Mass Produced Rubbish that is on sale at the moment, we pride our self’s on Quality, Design and then Price.
If we were a price conscious Mill we would be failing the customer, Safety comes to the front on every design.

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Residential timber frame cabins

Bringing Modern Character & Convenience To Traditional Comfort

With over 40 products in this exclusive range, including garden cabins, garden offices, and commercial cabins, Factory Cabins has exactly the residential timber frame cabin that you need. Highly versatile, customizable, eco-friendly and requiring little build time, they’re a convenient and characterful addition to any property.

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Factory Log Cabins Ex Works Standard Range 2021

Over 102 Log Cabins Ex Works 

The Standard Range 2021 is one of the most diverse collections we have on offer at Factory Cabins. From compact garden offices to spacious summer houses with plenty of exterior space for relaxing in the sun, every cabin in this range is built with quality as the first priority so you’re free to explore and find those that meet your exact needs.

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33 most popular

Cut the Red Tape With Our Most Popular Range Of Planning Compliant Cabins

If you want as few barriers to constructing your perfect outdoor space, then our most popular log cabins for sale might be just the option you need. All the cabins in this range are designed to take into account the UK planning compliance rules, meaning less red tape in the way of you and what you want.

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ES Range

Pick Your Perfect Cabin

The ES Range of log cabins, available from Factory Cabins, is one of the most varied ranges we have on offer. Let’s take the time to explore a few different examples of this range, all made of luxuriant Siberian pine, with sturdy 28mm floors, a wide host of roofing options, and top-quality design features. With Factory Cabins, it’s easy to find your perfect cabin.

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Camping pods

Bring A New Level Of Comfort To Your Site

Glamping is all the rage these days, transforming the experiences of guests at places of natural beauty across the country. They offer all the access to gorgeous vistas and trails, while offering real modern convenience and comfort without significant impact on the environment. Factory Cabins provides the highest-quality glamping pods on the market, ensuring you provide an experience your competitors don’t.

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Deluxe range

The Deluxe Range

Factory Cabins bring you the new Deluxe Range, another fantastic and modern looking collection of log cabins direct from our supplier Logcabinslv.

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Euro Range

Have Your Cabin, Your Way with The Euro Range

The Euro range of log cabins, built by Log Cabins LV and provided by Factory Cabins, is one of the most varied and versatile you will find on the net. With options perfect for garden offices, large family spaces, studios, and much more, you never have to compromise quality to ensure that your needs are met.

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Clock house

Spacious Design, Superior Construction

If you want a log cabin for your property but you don’t like the idea of a smaller space, then the Clock House range of cabins available at Factory Cabins might just be perfect for you. Designed to offer a much greater sense of roominess, with all the quality customers come to expect of Log Cabins LV.

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Micro House

The Affordable, Quality Home You’re Looking For

Factory Cabins provides a huge range of timber buildings for sale across a variety of ranges, each suited to the exact needs of the many kinds of customers. Amongst one of the most revolutionary products we offer are the Micro Homes. This range of extremely sturdy, convenient, and well-designed timber frame homes can be not only the perfect addition to your garden, but they could very well be the future of affordable homes in the UK.

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TF Range

The Truly Fabulous Power Of Siberian Pine

The TF in our TF Range stands for “Truly Fabulous”, and when you step inside, it’s not hard to see why. Besides having all the aesthetic appeal of gorgeous Siberian Pine, they are built to provide a sturdy, secure space in the garden no matter the weather. With a host of different options, perfect for garden offices, studios, and hangout spots, the TF Range could be just what you’re looking for.

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New for 2020   ONLY —£6000 +ex-works LT—

SUPER Special OFFER Insulated Garden Office

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