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28mm Budget Log Cabin Range 2021

Factory Log Cabins Budget Range 2021

Yes, I know, you all think because the prices are so low it cannot be true of, they are complete and utter rubbish.

Well your right on one account and wrong on another, yes, they are cheap, and no they are not rubbish, unlike the rest we are just not greedy. This is why buying from Factory cabins is now the leader in all log cabin sales, gone are the old and greedy, and in come Factory Cabins, and considering we have been around longer than anyone, it’s quite funny actually., we have the prices, we have the quality and we have the speed to fulfil your orders quickly. Our 28mm Budget Range is unbeatable in the market, completely unbeatable. All prices ex works LT, multiple orders accepted.

Your Looking for a shed, however you don’t want the Garden to look like a 1960’s throw back, and a big log cabin is just too expensive, and trust me, we have all had to budget at one time or other in our lives. But you still want the cabin look , with the shed price attached, and sheds are sheds and are eyesores most of the time if we are honest, but our cabins unlike sheds, last longer, are far more water tight, and look 1000 times better in your garden. so call us today, and get yourself the cabin that does not hurt your pocket or your eyes! 


Bespoke Log Cabin

Quality of that design is paramount, then Price. If you have read a little of this site you would have noticed that our structural timbers out shine, out size and out price 99.9% of the Bargain Basement happy go lucky Log Cabin Dealers/Agents in the UK.
Buying a Bespoke Log Cabin can be a gamble, there are so many variables, and all the time safety must come first. There are so many points we could focus on in this article we would need 300 web pages, so we will say just this, Factory Cabins is without doubt the Best of The Best and everyone in the Industry Knows it!
Do not settle for less give us a call and tell us what you are looking for.
Bespoke Cabins From Factory Cabins the only safe choice.

How to create your Bespoke Log Cabin in simple steps:
Firstly, choose the Log Cabin Body that you are looking for. Theres a huge range of varying sizes with a choice of layouts, verandah’s, roof heights and configurations also.

Bespoke Log Cabins

Bespoke doors are available in single and double options, fully, 3/4 or half glazed, also with options of georgian bars for all the glazing. As standard all our glazing is double glazed sealed units. Hinges and hardwear are of residential quality and are the best in the industry.
Bespoke log cabin windows are available in either single or double options in a huge range of sizes again. All double glazed, options of fixed panes and tilt and turn. Hinges and hardwear match the high quality of the door hardwear too. Georgian bars as options.
Please be aware that any Georgian bars are factory fitted to the highest quality and cannot be removed (unlike the Georgian bar options in our Country and Planning Compliant ranges). Just make sure you have matching Georgian bars in windows and doors should you wish.

Third step Choose the wall location where you want each of the windows and doors to be located. There are markings on each of the visuals of each of the cabin wall profiles showing where windows and doors can be positioned. This is normally not within 300mm of a corner or structural section of the cabin. We always check your plans to ensure the structural stability of the cabin – some other bespoke manufacturers may not do this…
Lead time;
We try to work on a lead time of no more than 6 weeks from confirmed plans, sometimes this can be sooner depending on our workload. We have this lead time as all our log cabins are made to order, not sat in yards for who know’s how long waiting to go to the customer. This is asking for trouble as moisture can get into the cabin packs before they’ve even been built and treated – a huge No No for Log Cabins, they will never be the same again!!!

Measuring You’re Log Cabin

Its best to measure the space you have in your garden for the log cabin, allowing for some space around the log cabin where it’s next to a fence or another structure to enable the cabin to actually be built and maintained in the future. As a quide we would suggest around 600mm as a minimum. Remember that so as to not attract any planning regulations the log cabin must be under 2.5m tall if within 2m of a boundary and must not take up more than 50% of your garden area.

This is the first step to creating your unique luxury log cabin, You will see over 180  bespoke log cabin bodies available to choose from, if you really cant find one here that fits your requirements the please drop us an email or call to have a chat though the options….

Email: [email protected]

Once you have found the building that works for you please select the wall thickness : 44mm or 70mm and add to cart.
Second step is to choose the windows and doors you require, theres a huge selection available.

Factory cabins Delivery

All our costs include delivery to your door by hi-ab lorry, no handball unloading by you! Log Cabin delivery is normally to kerbside, it’s best to have a chat with us if your address or site has any limited access.

Factory Cabins Delivery Service

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