Clock house

Spacious Design, Superior Construction

If you want a log cabin for your property but you don’t like the idea of a smaller space, then the Clock House range of cabins available at Factory Cabins might just be perfect for you. Designed to offer a much greater sense of roominess, with all the quality customers come to expect of Log Cabins LV.


A log cabin with plenty of headroom

Space and freedom are the primary defining characteristics of the Clock House range of log cabins. This is all thanks to the inclusion of high-pitched gable roofs. Not only do these high roofs offer plenty of headroom and help the cabin feel a lot larger and less claustrophobic, but they bring a unique appeal to the design as well. The pointed roof allows for the installation of a characterful triangular window at the very top, giving it a traditional old-school cabin charm that many modern options lacks nowadays.

Versatility and quality at the heart of every design

Log Cabins LV has designed this range to be sturdy, as well as convenient, with excellent wall thickness options from 44mm, 70mm and twin skin. These cabins use rot proof and waterproof Siberian larch, complemented with gorgeous prime pinewood. Siberian larch is the highest grade of wood possible, meaning it can handle more weight and stand the test of time. The 5m x 4m option is perfect for a garden gym, office, music studio, or playhouse, while the Clock House 205 offers enough space to host the whole family or to create an office with its own reception.

Built with modern convenience in mind

While the roof and window placement might be evocative of a nostalgic charm, these cabins are designed to be convenient for the modern homeowner too. This is most prominent in the top-quality French doors that can open the cabin up to natural light and make it feel even more spacious. The tilt and turn windows are another attractive feature that are extremely user-friendly and convenient.

Why build with Factory Cabins?

Factory Cabins offers that extra level of convenience and service to every purchase. All of our Log Cabins LV products come with multiple roofing options, helping you customize your purchase even more. Added on top of that is the fact that we take care of the installation process for you. There’s no fuss and no stress, simply contact us and we will have your cabin built as soon as possible

Get in touch with Factory Cabins on 01452223591 if you want to learn more about our Clock House range of log cabins or you want to arrange an installation. You can also visit our display at Tewkesbury, to see a whole host of our products in their finished form. You can see and feel their quality for yourself.

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