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The ES Range of log cabins, available from Factory Cabins, is one of the most varied ranges we have on offer. Let’s take the time to explore a few different examples of this range, all made of luxuriant Siberian pine, with sturdy 28mm floors, a wide host of roofing options, and top-quality design features. With Factory Cabins, it’s easy to find your perfect cabin.


  • Log cabin Northwick

    Log cabin Northwick 4.5m x 3m

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  • Log Cabin Norton

    Log Cabin Norton 3.6m x 3.6m

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  • Log cabin Notgrove

    Log cabin Notgrove 3m x 4m

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  • Log cabin Nympsfield

    Log cabin Nympsfield 4m x 4m

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  • Log cabin Oakle Street

    Log cabin Oakle Street 3.5m x 4.5m

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  • Log cabin Oakley

    Log cabin Oakley 5m x 5m

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  • Log cabin Oakridge

    Log cabin Oakridge 5.8m x 8m

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  • Log cabin Oddington

    Log cabin Oddington 3.3m x 5.4m

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  • Log cabin Okle Green

    Log cabin Okle Green 6m x 4.5m

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  • Log cabin Oldbury on the Hill

    Log cabin Oldbury on the Hill 5.1m x 3m

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  • Log cabin Oldcroft

    Log cabin Oldcroft 4.5m x 3.6m

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  • Log cabin Over

    Log cabin Over 6.4m x 7.6m

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  • Log cabin Owlpen

    Log cabin Owlpen 5.4m x 3.3m

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  • Log cabin Oxenton

    Log cabin Oxenton 7.6m x 6m

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  • Log cabin Ozleworth

    Log cabin Ozleworth 6.5m x 3.5m

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Where we get our ES Range

The ES Range, alongside many of the cabins at Factory Cabins, are all sourced from Log Cabins LV. These are the premier log cabin providers in the industry, as evidenced by their use of hard-wearing, long-lasting 28mm floors and their use of materials like Siberian pine. This natural wood from the Urals, Siberia, is rot resistant, moisture resistant, and isn’t affected by smoke and airborne pollutants so long as you treat it every three-to-five years.

Ilminster: Your summer hangout

The gazebo-style open access of this smaller cabin creates a perfect outdoor hangout spot. You can use it for painting, reading, or simply lounging under the sun, while an internal area offers a cool space that’s excellent for getting out of the heat or using as storage.

Fairmouth: Compact that doesn’t compromise quality

For those who want a smaller space, perfect to suit their individual needs, this cabin still ensures that you’re provided with the quality to be expected from Log Cabins LV.

Epping: A perfect family and utility space

This medium sized cabin is designed to fit well with most gardens, offering plenty of space and separate entry doors that lead into different rooms. This means it can be a perfect hangout spot, but can also add utility rooms for laundry, washing sinks, dryers, and more in the other spaces.

Huntingdon: An excellent, multi-faceted garden office

The Huntingdon’s three separate rooms of multiple sizes can be used for anything you want. However, for those who want the perfect home office, it’s great for creating multiple workspaces for different uses, including a sophisticated reception area that’s not too small.

Factory Cabins makes it easier to get what you want

All the ES range of log cabins sold by Factory Cabins are designed and constructed by the innovators at Log Cabins LV. We’re proud to partner with them, delivering the highest standard of cabins to our customers. What’s more, we can even take care of the entire installation process for you, so you don’t have to stress about erecting your own cabin.

If you want to learn more about the specifics of each cabin or to arrange your own installation, don’t hesitate to call Factory Cabins on 01452223591. We also welcome visitors to our display site in Tewkesbury, where we have samples from across our ranges, so you can see the quality construction and design that goes into each product.

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