Euro Range

Have Your Cabin, Your Way with The Euro Range

The Euro range of log cabins, built by Log Cabins LV and provided by Factory Cabins, is one of the most varied and versatile you will find on the net. With options perfect for garden offices, large family spaces, studios, and much more, you never have to compromise quality to ensure that your needs are met.


  • Log Cabin Alpine

    Log Cabin Alpine 5m x 4m

  • Log cabin Ascot-1

    Log cabin Ascot-1 2.6m x 2m

  • Log cabin Ascot-2

    Log cabin Ascot-2 3m x 3m

  • Log cabin Baltic

    Log cabin Baltic 6m x 7m

  • Log cabin Bath

    Log cabin Bath 2m x 2m

  • Log cabin Brighton

    Log cabin Brighton 3m x 3m

  • Log cabin Bristol

    Log cabin Bristol 6m x 7m

  • Log cabin Carisle

    Log cabin Carisle 3m x 3m

  • Log cabin Derby

    Log cabin Derby 4.5m x3m

  • Log cabin Devon

    Log cabin Devon 4m x 5m

  • Log cabin Douglas-2

    Log cabin Douglas-2 3m X 2.6m

  • Log cabin Kendal

    Log cabin Kendal 5m x 4m

  • Log cabin Kristi

    Log cabin Kristi 10m x 6m

  • Log cabin Lincoln

    Log cabin Lincoln 5.5m x 8.5m

  • Log cabin Liverpool

    Log cabin Liverpool 4m x 3m

  • Log cabin Luton

    Log cabin Luton 4m x 3m

  • Log Cabin Manchester

    Log Cabin Manchester 4m x 6m

  • Log cabin Nottingham

    Log cabin Nottingham 4.5m x 6m

  • Log cabin Oxford

    Log cabin Oxford 4m x 3m

  • Log cabin Plymouth

    Log cabin Plymouth 4m x5m

  • Log cabin Roy

    Log cabin Roy 4m x 6m

  • Log cabin Royal

    Log cabin Royal 6m x 7m

  • Log Cabin Rumus

    Log Cabin Rumus 4m x 3m

  • Log cabin Wales

    Log cabin Wales 4m x 4m

  • Log cabin Windsor

    Log cabin Windsor 3m x 2m

  • Log Cabin Worcester

    Log Cabin Worcester 5m x 10m

  • Log Cabins Walton - FCCR3107-2021

    Log Cabins Walton 3.0m x 3.0m -2021

    £2,794.00£3,842.00 inc. VAT

A Cabin to Fit All Needs

The Euro range of cabins is amongst the most versatile and customizable we offer, without a doubt. There are single room log cabins that can make a perfect garden office or studio. Our multi-room cabins can be the perfect family hangout spot or provide a reception area for those setting up a home business. The most extensive products in this range include 2 storey, 2 bedroom cabins that can offer real, livable space if your family is growing or if you simply have guests coming.

Convenient, Contemporary Cabins

The strong walls and thick floors help insulate the cabin and keep it sturdy, making it a perfect retreat no matter the weather. However, Log Cabins LVexcels in convenient, thoughtful cabin design as well as high standards of construction, with top-quality windows and doors to make sure that your new garden office, guest house, or studio has no weaknesses to worry about.

Built to Last

Even the smallest of our cabins are built with quality in mind. The compact Euro LEISTEN, measuring at 2m x 2m, has a strong tongue and groove 28mm flooring, which is twice a thick as most cabins that size. All the Euro range is built using a Siberian pine structure, which won’t twist and split over time like the young spruce that many other cabin providers will opt for, instead. Make sure you spend time on timber treatment every 3 to 5 years to ensure your cabin maintains its quality for longer. With the right treatment, the Euro Range can last a lifetime.

Factory Cabins: Your Perfect Log Cabin Supplier

Besides partnering with Log Cabins LV to offer their extensive range of versatile, convenient, and excellently built log cabins, Factory Cabins works with you to make sure you get the service that works for you. You can further customize your bespoke cabin with a variety of different roofing options that we offer. What’s more, we take care of the entire installation process for you, so you don’t have to deal with the stress, yourself.

Take a closer look at the extensive Euro range of log cabins, whether you want a garden office, studio, or something else entirely. If you have specific needs, don’t hesitate to call Factory Cabins on 01452223591 and we can help narrow down your options to what best suits you. At our display in Tewkesbury, you can also explore a much greater sample of our a few of our ranges to see and feel the quality in person.

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