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Factory Cabins Windows & Doors

We truly believe that our Factory Cabins Windows & Doors are the Best in the Industry.
99.9% of Log Cabin Companies on the internet offer you cheap windows and doors with their Log Cabins. Why? The hope is that you will pay for costly upgrades. This tactic does not apply on this website.. We offer the lowest pricing with the Highest Standards.
Our Quality Tilt and Turn Mechanism will lock the Windows very Tight and Secure.
Unlike nearly all other manufacturers we use Quality Joinery Timber to make our Fantastic Factory Cabins Windows & Doors.

Why Joinery Timber?

We dry it to 8%, 9%, which allows us to mould and work the timber into our trademarked Amazing Superb Quality Windows and Doors. The timber does not rip, scuff, chaff or look abused. Slower grown, tighter grain. Quality.
This procedure costs a little more but the end result is that our windows and doors out shine, all the competition. Our 24mm Double Glazed units are all CE approved. No costly upgrades needed.
All our Quality Double Doors are fitted with Solid Quality Monster Sleek Adjustable Hinges. No upgrades needed.
All the Door and Window Furnishings are of the Highest Quality
When buying a www.factorycabins.co.uk Log Cabin, you can believe that our Quality comes at no extra cost. There are Absolutely No Agents Fees attached to your Log Cabin. Buy Direct. Buy with Confidence. www.factorycabins.co.uk
Never settle for less.
Factory Cabins Windows & Doors

Factory Cabins Delux Windows & Doors