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Bring A New Level Of Comfort To Your Site

Glamping is all the rage these days, transforming the experiences of guests at places of natural beauty across the country. They offer all the access to gorgeous vistas and trails, while offering real modern convenience and comfort without significant impact on the environment. Factory Cabins provides the highest-quality glamping pods on the market, ensuring you provide an experience your competitors don’t.


Could you transform your business with a glamping pod?

Glamping is all about bringing comfort and coziness to the outdoors. It makes country parks, camp sites, caravan sites, and even other leisure accommodation venues like theme parks much more accessible to those who would like to arrange the trip but aren’t comfortable with being too exposed to the elements. By providing your guests and customers with that extra comfort, you can reach those who might not visit your location otherwise.

The difference in our glamping pods

One of the biggest problems we have noticed in the glamping pod industry is the lack of thick, sturdy walls, quality timber, and quality windows and doors. This leads to plenty of guests dissatisfied with poorly insulated pods that aren’t built to withstand the wind and rain.

All our glamping pods are manufactured by the house-building experts at Log Cabins LV. They use the finest of materials combined with a range of shapes and styles to create a unique aesthetic appeal. What’s more, you can ensure that you preserve your natural environment as best as possible, since Log Cabins LV produces glamping pods that are without a doubt the eco-friendliest in the whole industry. There simply aren’t any other glamping pods like this on the market, at this price.

The perfect rental property for your site

Besides attracting more visitors, glamping pods are growing in popularity in the world of holiday and short-stay rental accommodation. They can offer high returns month-on-month and can be made bespoke to your needs, with plenty of configuration options on offer. A glamping pod can end up becoming a highly valuable new revenue stream for your site.

Partner up with Factory Cabins

At Factory Cabins, we are proud to stand behind the quality and innovative designs from Log Cabins LV. We work with them as well as you, the client, to make sure that your glamping pod fits your specifications perfectly. What’s more, we can customize glamping pods even further with multiple roofing options. You don’t have to worry about the installation process, either. We take care of it from start to finish so you can get on with running your site without interruption.

If you want to learn more about how our high-quality glamping pods can transform the guest experience at your site, call Factory Cabins on +370 6889 3563. Why not visit our display space at Tewkesbury, where you can see some of our ranges up close and feel the quality in person before you purchase.

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