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The Affordable, Quality Home You’re Looking For

Factory Cabins provides a huge range of timber buildings for sale across a variety of ranges, each suited to the exact needs of the many kinds of customers. Amongst one of the most revolutionary products we offer are the Micro Homes. This range of extremely sturdy, convenient, and well-designed timber frame homes can be not only the perfect addition to your garden, but they could very well be the future of affordable homes in the UK.

Could Micro Homes be your solution to the housing crisis?

A look at any property news site or even the evening news will often make it very clear that the UK is embroiled in a housing crisis. You would have to look very hard to find any experts who disagree. Out of the factors causing this crisis is the simple fact that we don’t have enough affordable homes to go around.

Rather than waiting in the hopes that you might find one or taking on more house than you can reliably afford, Micro Homes could offer the solution. Timber frame homes are a lot more resilient than many think and are often more resistant to changes in the weather and moisture than brick and mortar houses. These affordable, eco-friendly homes can last a lifetime, so it’s easy to suggest that they may very well become how most people build new affordable homes in the UK.

You don’t have to compromise on quality

Log Cabins LV specializes on creating bespoke cabins to meet all kinds of needs, ensuring that they’re ready to install with little effort. All their buildings comply with BS 5268-2:2002 Structural use of timber, which are code of practice for permissible stress design, materials, and workmanship. This means that all their Micro Homes are designed to be safe and secure, and to last.

Building is quick, convenient, and environmentally friendly

If you’re looking for an affordable new home, you don’t have to wait for it. These timber frame homes can be installed very quickly. They don’t require anywhere near the amount of preparation that traditional buildings using brick blocks do. The reduced labor also means reduced labor costs, one factor that makes Micro Homes significantly less expensive. They are also much more environmentally-friendly to build, since there’s much less waste created as a result of their construction and less disturbance to the environment

Using the strongest materials available on the market

Micro Homes are by no means weak. The experts at Log Cabins LVchoose their materials very carefully, and all the homes in this range use the slow-growing, high-quality Siberian Larch. Growing in the Urals of Siberia, these trees live for 700 years, growing to over 160 inches in height. They have the highest grade of hardness, like oak, meaning that they can sustain some truly expansive designs. However, they are even more resilient thanks to the high tannin count in the wood, which makes them more resistant to rot, decay, and moisture when treated.

Top of the line design

These Micro Homes are convenient as well as being reliable. They all come with the highest quality double or triple-glazed windows and doors. Combined with the Siberian larch construction, this makes them well insulated, reducing your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. What’s more, they are as secure as any home can be, with high-security strong locking doors. There are a range of Micro Home designs to fit a range of needs, so be sure to explore the options to choose the layout that you could gladly call home.

Find your perfect Micro Home with Factory Cabins

Factory Cabins is an official provider of high-quality cabins from Log Cabins LV. We can help you customize your Micro Home even further with a huge range of roofing options. We also take care of the entire construction process for you, so there are no barriers between you and the affordable, eco-friendly timber frame home that you want.

Call Factory Cabins on 01452223591 today to learn more about our range of Micro Homes or to start the process of building your very own. You can also visit our extensive display space in Tewkesbury, where we have ready-built samples from of a few of our ranges.

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