Log Cabin Review

Our experience with factory cabins and the team.

We recently retired and hubby wanted to create an environment to relax instead off sitting in the beer garden all day, we decided to explore our options and came across factory cabins, we always wanted to create something different to what we had seen on other websites because I didn’t want to give my vegetable patch up in the garden which we struggled to find the correct layout with windows and doors, When we came across factory cabins we realised we could create exactly what we were looking for and over the period of a couple of days and several disagreements with hubby we finally found/created our log cabins for sale,

Factory Cabins

It was important we choose the best thickness of timber so we can use the building all year round and the team advised us on the best options for us, We originally decided we would lay our own base and looked at the possibility of also erecting the unit ourselves with the grandchildren’s help of course but soon realised the blood sweat and tears that went into dismantling our old summer house that it wasn’t for us, The factory cabins team asked us to send in some pictures of the area and a small video showing our access into the garden (we didn’t want anything seated on our grass) and they came back to us with some options and costings which shopping around seemed to be on par with competitors so we went for the full turn key package option.

The Fitting


The guys arrived Monday morning to construct our Timber framed base prior to the cabin arriving the following day, Surprisingly after around 4-5 hours we had a base laid and I instantly started to panic thinking it was to small unbeknown to me the base is actually slightly smaller than the cabin, I questioned the guys over this and they run me through the plans I had been sent and it become self explanatorily,

Day 2

And the cabin arrives on a Hi-Ab truck and the team start carrying all the wood around the side of the house, Before long things started to take shape within 5-6 hours and plenty off cold drinks the cabin was up to roof height I was actually amazed by how quick that process was until 1 of the chaps said the hard work is yet to start with wiring the cabin with my electrics and fitting the roof purlins!

Day 3

And the heavens have opened! The guys sheeted the roof up as we was forecasting some rain the night before so whilst they were waiting around I had taken the opportunity to discuss my options with painting the cabin I couldn’t have been assisted any better and advised what to do….

After lunch they managed to get the roof on and the building water tight… Was looking very impressive.

Day 4

The last day, 2 of the guy shingled the roof whilst the third man laid all our skirting boards internally I was very impressed with the attention to detail, The guys take a lot of pride in there work I have to say!

Whilst they were cleaning up hubby was sawing all the left over timbers for our long burner although he kept a couple of lengths to make some shelving. I have to say it was a pleasure dealing with the team and can only recommend them a nice clean respectable bunch of lads who are always welcome for a coffee if there passing – Log Cabins For Sale

Final Thought’s

Overall I am delighted with the service I received start to finish, From the service team to the fitters they come highly recommended, My biggest regret was not getting rid of my vegetable patch and going slightly bigger because it has given me and hubby a hole new social circle with having BBQ’s and book club afternoons….


Please Call For Prices !!