FC Timber Garage 3.0m x 5.5m

Garage Log cabin size 2.95m x 5.35m

Door size 1x- 2320mm x 2380mm
Door size 1x – 830mm x 1930mm

Window size – 1x 1310mm x 1130mm

Front eaves height – 2.7m
Back eaves height – 2.6m
Ridge height – 3.0m

Please call us for pricing, we would love to display the pricing on these cabins, how ever the prices on timber are only going up and up monthly and its difficult to change the prices on the website, so we are having to do it the old way sadly, until Russia make their time so stupidly expensive we will all just quit buying from them and start to buy from Canada, Many mills in Canada shut 3 years ago sadly, but when demand is demand. They will reopen.
The reason on pricing is going up for the best timber, is that America is now as well as the Chinese buying Russian lumber, and as you can imagine both are greedier than the other. China do not care about FSC so sadly they buy black market logs. Ans wheres there is money there are men who will risk cutting down huge amounts of forest to fill their greedy pockets.

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