Residential timber frame cabins

Bringing Modern Character & Convenience To Traditional Comfort

With over 40 products in this exclusive range, including garden cabins, garden offices, and commercial cabins, Factory Cabins has exactly the residential timber frame cabin that you need. Highly versatile, customizable, eco-friendly and requiring little build time, they’re a convenient and characterful addition to any property.


No need to wait for lengthy installations

One of the greatest advantages for you, the customer, is just how quick to build our residential timber frame cabins are. Once on site, assembly from frame to completed cabin takes no time at all. This can make it perfect if you need a garden office space to work more effectively in the home or for institutions like schools and academies who want to build additional classrooms or a library with as little waiting as possible.

Eco-friendly and resilient

Cabins are designed to guard against the elements, but our residential timber frame cabins go above and beyond in that regard. The laminated glulam timber used in the construction uses a core of slow grown Siberian larch wood. At grade C24, this makes it one of the strongest woods possible, capable of supporting much greater loads, meaning you can install a cabin of any size you want. Some of our products are available in as many as six different cabin sizes. This also makes the cabins much eco-friendly, with strong, high quality residential style double & triple glazed windows and doors only improving their insulating ability, so you don’t have to spend as much on heating it up.

Modern technology and character

All the residential timber frame cabins we have on offer are designed and constructed by Log Cabins LV, who have pioneered the techniques that make them both strong and aesthetically engaging. Using laminated glulam timber, longer single pieces of timber can be constructed, making it not just stronger than natural wood but also more versatile. The longer pieces can be used, for instance, to achieve a stylish, practical overhang, but also it can add significant curvature to the body of the cabin. Manufacturing timber in this way means so much more modern designs can be accomplished. This helps you achieve the traditional feeling of the cozy wood cabin but with a much more contemporary yet creative flair.

The Factory Cabins difference

Combined with the quality craftsmanship of Log Cabins LV, Factory Cabins brings a whole new level of convenience and service to help you get precisely the cabin you need with minimal fuss. We provide full installation services, so once you know what you want, arrange a time for us to visit and we can take away the stress and build it for you where and when you want it. Factory Cabins can help you customize your purchase even more with multiple roofing options, so you can ensure you end up with the cabin best suited to your needs and lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about the specific residential timber frame cabins and discover which could be the best option for you, call Factory Cabins on 01452 223591 or visit us at Tewkesbury to see several of the buildings we provide.


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