TF Range

The Truly Fabulous Power Of Siberian Pine

The TF in our TF Range stands for “Truly Fabulous”, and when you step inside, it’s not hard to see why. Besides having all the aesthetic appeal of gorgeous Siberian Pine, they are built to provide a sturdy, secure space in the garden no matter the weather. With a host of different options, perfect for garden offices, studios, and hangout spots, the TF Range could be just what you’re looking for.

What makes Siberian Pine so special?

Besides the clear aesthetic appeal of our TF Range of Cabins, designed and built by the maestros at Log Cabins LV, the secret to this range’s unique appeal is all in the wood. Siberian pine is a special wood that grows in the Urals of Siberia, making it the pride of their forests. Essential oils in the pine needles have an antibacterial effect, making the forests essentially germ free. This makes Siberian pine especially resilient. When treated properly, it is hugely resistant to both rot and moisture, as well as being more resistant to smoke and other urban airborne pollutants. Timber treatment every three to five years will ensure that your cabin can last a lifetime.

Built for convenient, quick installation

You don’t want your perfect garden office or studio being delayed by unnecessary red tape. Thankfully, the TF collection of cabins can cut down on that. All cabins in this range are built at under 2.5m, designed to be compliant with UK regulations regarding planning permission. This means less regulatory run-around for you to deal with, and a quicker installation time.

Quality that doesn’t compromise

When using such high-quality materials, you need to ensure you match with high-quality design. That’s precisely what Log Cabins LV does. Most other companies don’t provide sturdy 28mm floors for their cabins, but the TF Range does. Cabins with a wall thickness of over 44mm also come with efficient, easy to use tilt-and-turn windows, double-glazed windows and doors and a variety of roofing covering options.

Factory Cabins helps you access the best so you can forget the rest

The TF Range of cabins from Log Cabins LV is only available through their partnered suppliers. Factory Cabins is proud to provide these excellent cabins to our customers, complete with customizable roof options to help you specify your perfect garden property even more. We take care of the installation process from start to finish. Combine that with the lack of a need for planning permission, and you will have trouble finding a more convenient cabin provider in the market.

Factory Cabins is more than happy to help you pick amongst the TF range of cabins, so call us on 01452223591 or visit our display in Tewkesbury, where we provide a much greater sample of our ranges to see and feel the quality in person.

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